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Evening Fourth Edition

Zhang unknown life after their retirement suddenly had the idea to be famous. After a week of research, he found that the local Evening News the Fourth Edition concentrate published social news, many ordinary people just do something different, and photos on the board up, Mr. Chang thought of own photos can be reported That is not no overnight success it? This idea excites him up, he decided to act now.
Mr. Chang first action is to catch the thief. From that day onwards, Mr. Chang is a rarity in a crowded place every day to go. Also not to mention just a few days, I really let him run into one. That afternoon, he on a bus, suddenly saw a man being hand slowly to a passenger stretch pants pocket, Mr. Chang was extremely excited, did not wait for that hand into it, clung pounced to while grasping also shouted "fast to catch the thief! Thief not only did not panic, and also very angry and said: you defective ah, my hand is empty, how would a thief, say, you ask, to see who lost something? "Zhang hear it froze, ah, he had been too anxious to catch the thief have to wait for him to steal and then caught, or else how can there be evidence ah. The thief see Mr. Chang is an honest look more and more to the spirit side of curses side of the door walked the car out of the car by the station, leaving Mr. Chang stare in his chariot, other passengers unknown on the inside, and also feel that Mr. Chang is a bit unusual.
By this setback, Mr. Chang decided to give up to catch the thief, try another plan: Samaritan.
Mr. Chang back election Scenic Area, it seems such a location still makes sense, just a few days let him run into a car accident. In the road leading to the scenic spot, he saw a group of people around the intersection, numbly staring at a girl hit by a car, the girl covered in blood, lying on the ground, body twitching. Mr. Chang through the crowd and ran her own girl wanted to go to the hospital. Can be just out of the crowd, I felt the girl on his back himself up next to it was also called to him: "put her down, did not see the camera, we are in a movie." Mr. Chang heard this Mangba The girl put down everyone around laugh at him straight, then take a look at the edge of, it really is the lighting and the camera, you just get too excited, even no note.

Mr. Chang began to doubt their own plans, and then finally he decided to try again, if it fails, it shows that they really do not have on the newspaper's life.
This day towards the evening, he was strolling the street, I suddenly saw a people's window to the smoke, which is also mingled with the cry of the child. Even imagined he rushed up the stairs, kick open the door, groping hold out two children in a room full of fire and smoke, the house not the cry of the child, but it came the barking of the puppy, two children cried, begged him to return to the house to hold their puppies While he hesitated, the firefighters arrived, burst into the room, quickly extinguished the fire, but also hold the puppy out. Shortly afterward, the reporter arrived, they kept right next to one of the face dark firefighters photographic, that firefighters holding two children, the arms also hold the puppies.
Mr. Chang looked at reporters camera in hand, to despair, he figured, honestly be unknown, evidently his extraordinary fate doomed the.
After this, Mr. Chang and restore the quiet life, go to the square, and a bunch of old people a day with exercise, play chess, chat What Evening fourth edition of this code something he almost forget his photos actually an accident on the fourth edition of the social news, it was a windy day, Mr. Chang was blown down in the road when a large billboard hit his head, was seriously injured, the Evening News reported that this thing also with a sort of a small photo, photos Lao Zhang lying on the stretcher, being elevation to the ambulance.


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